Jim Parsons had the brilliant idea of surprising a Conan audience member with a spontaneous tour of The Big Bang Theory set.

The Big Bang Theory fan was so surprised and grateful, it made for incredible late night TV.

Jim Parsons Surprises A Big Bang Theory Fan

Jim Parsons was in the middle of a normal interview with Conan when he decided to do something really spontaneous. Jim said, “we have really really wonderful fans, we always have.” In celebration of those great fans Jim said, “If this is okay with you, I did have an idea. We tape like two doors down… if possible I would like to take one of these people over to the set, and I would like to give them a souvenir from the set that they can have.

Jim picked one lucky woman out of the audience. She was beaming head to toe as she followed Jim and Conan to The Big Bang Theory set. Apparently, the fan was with her sister in the audience. We can imagine there’d be a lot of sibling rivalry after this experience.

Image result for jim parsons conanphoto by teamcoco.com

Of course, there were even more, surprises when they arrived in the apartment set. Simon Helberg was sitting there, excited to see Jim and his selected fan. Jim decided to be funny and took the shirt right off of Simon’s back to give to the fan. Talk about a weird, but memorable souvenir. We’re sure this girl is bound to remember this day forever.

Conan Grabs A Beer

Image result for jim parsons conanphoto by tvguide.com

The funniest part of this whole thing? Conan found a real beer in the fridge in the apartment and decided to crack it open on live TV. 

The Big Bang Theory actors sure love to have fun with each other when they’re on set or interviewing for late night television. You never know what to expect when these funny guys get together.

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