Jim Parsons Presents “The Funniest Word In The English Language” With Jimmy Kimmel…

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-21

Jimmy Kimmel recently read a study that concluded “booty” was the funniest word in the dictionary. After deciding the study was completely inaccurate, he decided to compile a list of the actual funniest words. Jim Parsons came along to help, and the result was a hilarious piece of television.

Jim Parsons Presents The Funniest Words

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Jim Parsons appeared on Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week to promote many projects. First of all, he was there to talk about the new TBBT spin-off, Young Sheldon. He also reminded fans that The Big Bang Theory premiere will be September 25th. Plus, he topped that all off with talking about First In Human, a documentary the actor recently narrated.

As if that weren’t enough of an agenda, Jim also decided to help Jimmy present the funniest words in the English dictionary. After reading a study that claimed “Booty” is the funniest word in the dictionary, Jimmy Kimmel decided to compile a list of the words he thinks are even funnier. “Here now to help me present them,” Jimmy said, “four-time Emmy award winner for best comedy actor. A man who knows funny words- Mr. Jim Parsons.”

Jim entered the stage carrying a scroll, and hilariously read the words as a proclamation. You might be surprised at which words both Jim Parsons and Jimmy Kimmel find funnier than “booty.”

The Funniest Words In The English Language

So which words made the cut? Monkey, Canoodle, and Gargle started off the list. Some of our favorites? Bigly, Uranus, Cockpit, and nips. But what was the FUNNIEST word in the English language? Of course, Jim Parsons read, “Bazinga!” The word was coined by Jim’s character on The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper. 

Do you agree?

Is Jim Parsons right- Bazinga is the funniest word in the English dictionary? We love when the cast members of TBBT appear late-night TV.

Did you enjoy this segment?

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