Jim Parsons Participates In Parade Article Celebrating Awards And Accomplishments Of Actors


Jim Parsons is one of the most highly decorated actors in Hollywood. Last month in honor of the 90th Academy awards Jim participated in a Parade article. The article intended to celebrate celebrities and their many accomplishments.

Jim Parson’s Very First Award

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Do you remember your first award ever? It can be an incredible experience. Even as a child, winning something feels incredible. We all want to be accepted and honored. We love the feeling of being set apart for our accomplishments and talents. However, Jim Parsons perhaps has more memories of this sort of event than most.

Jim won many Emmy’s and Choice awards. However, the memory of his first award still sticks in his mind. Jim recalled, “The first thing I remember getting was in kindergarten, and it was for some field day running exercise. I was not a good runner, but they gave out ribbons to everybody, so I got one. I remember going home and lying that I had won.” He then added, “I don’t know why I did that. Maybe because I was 5.”

His Most Recent Accomplishment

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Though he may not have deserved his very first ribbon, he certainly deserves the many he has received since. Jim won his first Emmy in 2010, and went on to receive three more in the Best Actor category for his work on Big Bang Theory. He’s also received a Golden Globe, and been apart of an Oscar Nominated cast.

This year he’ll recieve a GLAAD award. He recieves the Stephen L Kolzak award on April 12th. A person who has championed LBTQ acceptance in their field wins the award each year. The GLAAD president said, “Jim Parsons’ talent, humor, and impressive body of work have made him one of the most visible and beloved out LGBTQ actors today.”

We are proud of all of Jim Parson’s accomplishments. It’s funny to think that the little boy who couldn’t win a race on field day is now one of the most decorated men in Hollywood.