Jim Parsons’ Shocking Confession On Celebrity Psychic Show


Jim Parsons did something Sheldon Cooper would never do. He saw a psychic. And not just any psychic, Tyler Henry, the acclaimed celebrity psychic with his own reality television series.

Jim Parsons Sees A Psychic

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Sheldon Cooper definitely doesn’t believe in psychics. He says he only believes in science. He likes concrete principals, and facts he can prove with his senses and reasoning. We’d be willing to bet he’d never see a psychic, and if he did he’d be very sarcastic about the entire experience. It would probably go something along the lines of that time he told Penny exactly what he thinks of astrology; ” it tells us that you participate in the mass cultural delusion that the sun’s apparent position relative to arbitrarily defined constellations at the time of your birth somehow affects your personality.”

However, Jim Parsons is truly nothing like his infamous television character. Jim has said in the past that he loves psychics, and has even been intrigued by his own natural premonitions. He acted on this impulse, and decided to appear on Tyler Henry’s reality series.

Tyler Henry has his own show on the E network. He visits celebrities in their homes, and tries to help them communicate with lost relatives. Jim appeared on the show just last week.

Jim Predicted His Grandfather’s Stroke

Jim Parsons appearing on the TV series was exciting, but we had no idea just how eerie his experience would be. He told Tyler, “What do you know about…Me and my mother both have had predicative dreams. The few that we’ve each had have been very specific, and were things that came to pass.” Parsons then asked, “What is that connected to?”

Tyler seemed to think that Jim must be rather intuitive, and that when sleeping some people can tap into their own intuition more easily. Jim then dropped a huge bomb. He said, “I remember one specifically, I came downstairs one morning and I was in high school. I stopped on the stairs and saw my dad in the living room, and I said ‘I had a dream last night that Grandpa died,’ his father. And he said ‘so did I.’ …within a week or two weeks he had a stroke.”

Super eerie, we almost have chills. Do you believe Jim Parsons is intuitive, or do you tend to side with Sheldon Cooper on these things.