Jim Parsons FINALLY Talks About Marriage To Todd Spiewak…

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Jim Parsons recently appeared on The Talk and spoke about his marriage to Todd Spiewak, his sweet wedding reception this past May, and what it means to him that Sheldon and Amy might be engaged.

Jim Parsons Is Married…Finally

“It is about time,” Jim Parsons agreed as the women of The Talk congratulated him on his marriage to Todd Spiewak back in May. The couple of 15 years tied the knot during an intimate ceremony at The Rainbow Room in NYC in front of their closest friends. 

Jim admitted that the day went by so quickly he hardly remembers it. He said, “When you see photos of it we’ve already been through this a couple of times, looking at photos going ‘I don’t remember that, I don’t remember that,'” The phrase does go “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Jim also admitted he wasn’t sure about marriage at first. He said, “it really was a fifteen year thing where when we were first together marriage wasn’t a possibility for us, and then it was, and we were like well do we need it?…It really felt to me more of an exciting cap of fifteen years.”

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However, Jim was surprised by the meaning he found in the ceremony. He said, “It really felt like a whole new chapter was beginning, and I did not see that coming.”

Sheldon and Jim’s Similarity

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Jim’s onscreen character, Sheldon Cooper, mirrored his actions when he proposed during the Big Bang Theory season finale this past Spring. Jim had this to say about Sheldon and Amy’s fate; “The comedy milage that they’ve gotten out of Sheldon and his relationship contracts and roommate contracts, it’s funny, and it’s stupid and absurd. However, in some ways I’ve said he is the most prepared for a healthy relationship because he’s laid it all out…in that way, I think he could be prepared [for marriage.]”

Don’t get too excited- Jim did point out that the writers are always very surprising and that you never know what might happen on set. So we guess the jury’s still out on what Amy’s answer will be, but in the mean time we are so happy for Jim and Todd and wish them (and Sheldon and Amy) all the best.


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