Jim Parsons has been having a ball while filming the Young Sheldon spin-off series. The actor recently talked about what it was like to see his character portrayed so young, and what he thinks of the little tyke taking over his iconic role.

Jim Parsons On Young Sheldon

Image result for jim parsons young sheldonphoto by washingtonpost.com Jim Parsons is executive producing Young Sheldon, a new spin-off series encompassing the early life of Sheldon Cooper. Jim admitted the experience was emotional and had a big impact on him. “It was a moving experience for me to see something I’ve put a decade of my life toward [come to this],” said Parsons.

Jim, as well as his other Big Bang Theory cast mates, feels very close to his character. He’s played the same quirky man for ten years and says that he’s grown quite attached to Mr. Cooper. Jim has really created Sheldon and formed his personality. That’s why it’s only natural that he’s been coaching Iain Armitage on how to play him. Iain is the new face of Young Sheldon. He’s the son of two theater personalities, and he’s got A LOT of talent.

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Jim has even admitted that Iain is way wise beyond his years. He was definitely cast for his intelligence and advanced abilities. Jim explained, “We have a lot more in common now than I would have had at the same age. I wasn’t mature enough at nine. I was not an overly bright child. I was mediocre. I didn’t befuddle my parents. That came much later, with my sexuality. Iain is much more in control as a human being than I was.”

Young Sheldon Premiere

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Young Sheldon will premiere after The Big Bang Theory on Monday, September 25th. The premiere will be almost a sneak peak, with the regular schedule resuming in November after NFL football games wind down. We’re excited to see Iain portray Sheldon at such a young age, and even more excited to see what Jim Parsons and the team have dreamed up.

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