Guess Who’s Gonna Play Georgie At Sheldon and Amy’s Wedding


Fans are thrilled to hear that The Big Bang Theory will finally meet Sheldon’s brother Georgie. Jerry O’Connell has been confirmed to play the man who fans have only seen so far on Young Sheldon. Here’s what we know.

Georgie Is Coming To Big Bang Theory

Georgie is FINALLY Coming to Big Bang Theory. We’ve already met Sheldon’s mother Mary Cooper, played by Laurie Metcalf. We’ve also met Missy Cooper, played by Courtney Henggeler. Missy is Sheldon’s twin sister. We were always told Sheldon had a brother, but he never showed up in the main series.

However, Georgie is a major part of the spin-off show Young Sheldon. He’s played by Montana Jordan in the series. Montana portrays Sheldon’s older, cooler, brother. Georgie serves as nice juxtaposition for Sheldon. He is an athletic jock, who doesn’t quite have a head for figures. He attends the same high school as Sheldon, despite being 5 years older. Fans have grown to love little Georgie. Once they heard Sheldon and Amy would be having a wedding, they were dying to hear if he would be in attendance.

Spin-Off Complications

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Of course, now that Young Sheldon exists, writers have to be careful that the two stories merge nicely. You wouldn’t want a plot hole between the two shows, especially with them airing back to back of one another. Young Sheldon has become a success all on its own. However, fans still expect consistency in facts and story line.

That’s why we always assumed Georgie would be at the wedding. Though he was only mentioned a few times in Big Bang Theory history, it would be shocking if writers didn’t take the opportunity to invite him. 

Luckily, Steve Holland agreed. At Paley fest this year he announced that an older Georgie will in fact be in attendance. He said, “There’s certainly people that need to be at the wedding. Obviously Sheldon’s mom has to be at the wedding. I think it’s a chance for us to meet some of Sheldon’s family that we’ve only seen in their younger forms before now…like his brother yes.” He also confirmed that Missy will be there as well. He did clarify, “Right now our plan is to use Missy, but we actually haven’t written it yet. So we have to see logistically how all these pieces can fit together, and how many people can be there and all that.”

Jerry O’Connell Is Cast

Later in the month is was confirmed that Jerry O’Connell will be playing Georgie as an adult. The actor is well known for his work in Sliders, Stand by Me, and Jerry McGuire. Fans were quick to point out the striking resemblance between O’Connell and Montana Jordan. It definitely looks like this could be a father-son pair, making this a serious casting win for the Big Bang Theory

Jim Parsons Thinks It’s About Time

Jim Parsons also revealed that he’s ecstatic to meet an older Georgie on Big Bang. Parsons works closely with Montana Jordan on the set of Young Sheldon, and has grown to love the character. He’s excited for Sheldon and Amy’s wedding, and said, “I would be shocked if Georgie didn’t come in at this point. I really would. Georgie we never met on our show, or haven’t met. But, he’s such a central figure on Young Sheldon.” Parsons also admitted, “As soon as we shot the pilot everyone began chomping at the bit to get a representation of Georgie on our show.”

It’s definitely interesting to get to know Georgie in a different light on Young Sheldon. Previously on Big Bang Theory we’ve only been able to see the boy through Sheldon’s view point. On the Big Bang Theory Sheldon finds Georgie so one dimensional that he only describes him as a bully and box of rocks. Sheldon believes his brother’s soul purpose in life was to torture him. However, as we watch Young Sheldon we are introduced to different sides of Georgie. We start to understand his own personal struggles, and see him as more than just Sheldon’s nuisance.

Jim Parsons explained, “Frankly, and I think this is very intersting, he was nothing…not nothing…He was so much more complicated and interesting than Sheldon had described him. The same goes for the father.” The actor thinks this idea mirrors life in a strange and exciting way. He said, “I think it’s so true to life to have just one person’s point of view about who a person is, and what a situation was. And it’s like when you get the other side you’re like ‘that’s not exactly the case.'”

Other Guest Stars To Look Forward To

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Sheldon and Amy’s wedding will certainly be a huge episode. Many fans assume it will be a part of the Season 11 finale. Steve Holland also hinted that other guest stars will be in attendance. 

We will definitely get a glimpse of Laurie Metcalf, who played Sheldon’s mom Mary. Holland also alluded to Wil Wheaton, Sheldon’s nemesis, being in attendance. He said, “Wil Wheaton…I think there is a good chance you’ll see Wil at the wedding…”

Jim Parsons wasn’t shocked by this revelation at all. He laughed, “I wouldn’t be surprised if he officiated. Not that I’m pitching that. But as soon as you said that I thought what would he do at the wedding? He’s not going to be best man, though maybe he is.” It would DEFINITELY be fun to see Wil officiating the ceremony. He’s been such an integral part of many Big Bang Theory episodes, including the 200th. Other recurring characters we’d love to see in attendance include Professor Proton’s ghost, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Beverly Hofstadter. We also think there should be an entire pew dedicated to Raj’s ex-girlfriends.

We’re so excited to meet Georgie at Sheldon and Amy’s wedding. We also can’t wait for what’s shaping up to be a very exciting episode. There will be so many guest stars, exciting moments, and new plot lines. Can you hardly wait? Which part of the event are you most excited for when the season 11 finale of Big Bang Theory airs this year?