Jep and Jessica’s New Business Keeps Them Tied To Hollywood


Jep and Jessica Robertson’s new business is what pulled the family away from West Monroe Louisiana. Fans were startled to find out that the family is setting up shop at a brewery…owned by Supernatural star Jensen Ackles.

Jep and Jessica In Texas

Jep and Jessica Robertson moved their family of seven to Austin, Texas last year with hopes of growing their food truck business. “Jep’s Southern Roots” serves some of the Robertson’s favorite dishes, and gives the couple new goals and adventures post Duck Dynasty.

It’s a move that seemed to take the couple away from Hollywood, but fans were shocked to hear that they’ve gone into business with another famous family. Jensen Ackles is the heartthrob from the CW’s Supernatural. He too is escaping the Hollywood life and heading into the food industry. 

Jensen’s “Family Business Beer Company” is a brewery in Austin Texas. They serve tons of different libations. Jensen said, “we realized that the name made sense on a few different levels—one being a nod to ‘Supernatural,’ as one of the early slogans for the show was ‘Saving people. Hunting things. The family business.’ — so we shrugged our shoulders and said, ‘Guess we have a name!’”

Off Brand For The Robertsons

Of course, the Robertsons keep a clean cut image. Phil Robertson has famously given up alcohol, and the entire family doesn’t exactly evoke a “party it up” life style. However, Jep and Jessica seem to have no qualms about setting up shop by a brewery. 

“Jep’s Southern Roots” now parks outside of the brewery, and sells food to happy drinkers. Jessica Robertson said, “This view never gets old! I am so in love with our venue, the vibes, the people who come to be fed and feed US with love in return! It is like all my wildest dreams coming true, and the feeling couldn’t be more wonderful.”

Can you believe Jep and Jessica Robertson are now in business with another Hollywood celebrity?