Everyone’s Talking About What Missy Said To Jase In This Video…


In Missy Robertson’s latest “Duck Season Survival” tip video, she advises wives to keep their husbands’ duck hunting gear “out of sight and out of mind.” Missy’s husband, Jase Robertson, has a bad habit of leaving his camo all over the house. Missy found a quick solution to the problem.

Jase Robertson’s Bad Habit

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Jase Robertson loves duck season. He’s been hunting with his father, Phil, his entire life. In the early winter, he heads out morning and night to find the perfect catch. With duck hunting comes a lot of camouflage gear. It gets smelly, wet, and becomes aggravating to Missy Robertson.

Missy doesn’t love duck season. In fact, she hates it. She’s expressed her disdain for this time of year greatly. She doesn’t like Jase’s beard. The dirty clothes are disgusting to her and she feels stress in her marriage. Thankfully she’s sharing her tactics with fans.

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The very first video featured Missy’s tip. Her favorite saying is “Out of sight and out of mind.”

“We all know if you’re married your husband is going to come in and dump all of his hunting gear right here on the floor, from where he comes in from the garage,” Missy says. She advises wives,”…Sacrifice one room for the sake of your entire hour, and your sanity.”

They Made A Deal

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In Missy’s second video, she admits to a major compromise she and Jase made. Jase constantly leaves raw duck meat in the couple’s cooler, right in the middle of their dining room. Missy says, “My husband is going to do this whether I like it or not, and the only thing I like about it is that it tastes great. So if he’s going to do this we made a deal.”

What’s the deal? Missy laughs as she says “He kills it, he cleans it, he processes it, and he cooks it…and I eat it…That’s how to survive! Oh yeah.” Now that is a compromise we can get behind. Looks like Jase Robertson is still taking care of his wife, even during duck season.