HEARTWARMING: Jase Robertson Reveals The “Greatest Parenting Advice” He Can Give To Anyone Is…


Jase Robertson has had three tries at perfecting his parenting — Reed, Cole, and Mia. Has he learned anything?

Reed Robertson (photo by reedrobertsonmusic.com)

Well, as it turns out, he has. 

“I got some of the greatest advice ever when a buddy of mine — I was talking to him about Reed and I was like, ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with this boy,'” Jase told Fox News. “And I was trying to figure it out.”

And the unnamed buddy pretty much changed Jase’s parenting tactics.

“Look,” his friend said. “I love you, we’re friends. But I think you’re being too hard on [Reed].”

“What’re you talking about?” Jase responded. “I mean, I’m trying to help this boy out.”

But the more Jase thought about it, the more he thought, “I think I am being too hard on him.”

“And the day that I kind of backed off [of Reed], all of a sudden, he had a complete transformation,” Jase said.

And that’s where Jase learned a parenting lesson that changed his and Reed’s lives — something that every parent should keep in mind…

Jase Robertson
Jase Robertson (source: Duck Commander)

Each kid is different.

Jase, Reed, and Missy Robertson (source: Pinterest)

“And I think that’s what’s interesting about having kids — they all have different personalities and you try to figure out what’s the best way to train them up so they can be their best,” he said.

So he may parent Cole differently than Reed, and he may look after Mia in a different way than he does his boys. It’s all about getting to know each child’s strengths and weaknesses.

“And in [Reed’s] case, it was more backing off, letting him learn on his own and just being there when he needs me,” Jase said. “And that’s what we did and it was a great decision.”

It sure does seem to be working out just fine for Jase and Reed.

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