What Did Jase And Missy Robertson Teach Their Kids About Sex?


The Robertsons have been very open about their belief that Christians should strive to wait til marriage to have sex. Jase and Missy Robertson did, and they said they had a beautiful experience together. However, will they push the same views on their children? And what exactly will they tell their kids about the subject?

Jase and Missy Robertson On Sex

No matter how you grow up, what religion you are raised in, or where you’re living, sex is bound to come up during puberty. Kids are whispering in the halls, feelings are emerging, and questions arise. Missy Robertson admits that she really didn’t know much at all about the subject as a young adult. She said, “I wasn’t at all. We didn’t talk about it at all in my family. I didn’t find out exactly what to do physically until high school. I just acted like I knew, because it was embarrassing that I didn’t.”

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Jase had a slightly…different experience. He had heard the term “STD” at school, and asked Phil Robertson what exactly that was. Knowing Phil, it makes perfect sense that the Duck Dynasty patriarch decided to graphically describe an STD…to his EIGHT year old son. Jase said, “He said, ‘here’s what you do, you leave everything you  got in your pocket til you get married, and you don’t have to worry about it.'”

What Will They Teach Their Kids?

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Jase and Missy Robertson both waited to sleep together until they were married. So do they require the same of their children? It sounds like they talk about the subject in a more open and honest way with their kids, than they did with their own parents. Jase said, “What we shared was beautiful, so we encourage that. I mean look, we’re not in their face about it. But they know how we feel about it. And we really have open conversations about this.”

As for how their wedding night went? Jase said, “I felt like I was playing that game, you know where if you hit something it buzzes?” To which Missy replied, “Operation?” What an interesting way to put it. Do you agree with Jase and Missy Robertson’s parenting approach on this subject?