Is Jim Parsons Worried He’ll Be Type Cast As “A Sheldon” Forever?

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Jim Parsons says he isn’t worried about being type-cast as a “Sheldon” forever, but perhaps he should be?

After ten years of playing a character, it’s hard for people to see actors as anything else. ESPECIALLY when that character is someone as iconic as Sheldon Cooper. Jim Parsons has shown his acting genius in portraying everyone’s favorite rude scientist on The Big Bang Theory, but is he worried he’ll be forever cast as the nerdy type?

Jim told TIME Magazine, “No I don’t worry about being typecast, it already happens to a certain degree. And, so all I can do is keep working, all I can do is keep auditioning, all I can do is keep…getting into rooms and talking to people.” Jim also added he enjoys playing Sheldon and wouldn’t have it any other way. He said, “I love playing this part…I don’t approach this part any differently than I would have approached any other part as far as trying to bring it to life if you will.”

Jim Parsons Cast In Hidden Figures

We wonder what Jim thought of being cast as Paul Stafford in the hit movie Hidden Figures. Jim was once again cast as a scientific mind, and also a “pain-in-the-butt” (his words) type character. Matt Lauer told him in a recent interview, “If I were the casting director of this movie I would say, ‘Okay well obviously we’re going to cast Jim Parsons as one of the engineers, and then who are we going to cast after that?'” Matt implied Jim was typecast when he said, “You’re perfect for this,” and later added, “when I saw you in your suit with that look, you just looked like every one of those clean-cut conservative engineers.” Jim rebutted, “It’s good that I look like it because I certainly don’t think like it.”

Do you think Jim Parsons was secretly bothered to be type-cast as a “Sheldon-type” in Hidden Figures?

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