Is It Biblically Okay For Sadie Robertson To Be A Pastor?


Some Christians would say Sadie Robertson can’t be a pastor because she’s a girl. But is this actually true?

Sadie Robertson (photo via YouTube)

She has so many different talents: modeling, acting, singing, dancing, and YouTube-ing. She could pretty much take her pick from this list and say, “This is going to be my career choice.” Then she would be able to go out and do it.

But there’s one thing most people forget to include in that list: ministry. 

“I’m thinking about some type of seminary school,” Sadie said. “Ministry is what I really want to do. It is my joy in life.”

She surely has the experience. She toured with Winter Jam as a speaker, and her encouraging YouTube videos get hundreds of thousands of views.

One example of her preaching skills is something she said on stage during the Winter Jam.

“I’ve been talking about what’s the difference between a champion and a legend,” she said. “Two things that sound very similar, two things that sound pretty solid. You see, they’re both good, but one’s better.”

She continues, making the point that the two are separated by one’s level of humility.

“Because with one, you win a trophy, but with the other, you win a legacy,” she said. “With one, you drop the mic. But with the other, the mic gets passed on from generation to generation to come.” 

Sounds like a pastor to me.

photo by

But can she — biblically — be a pastor? 

Complementarianism would say she cannot be a preaching pastor — only men can do that. However, egalitarianism would say the opposite, that she has the right to pursue pastor-hood just as a man does.

It all depends on what the Bible says about this, which both sides would interpret this issue.

What do you think the Bible says about this?

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