Fans Believe Dwight Will Help Rick Grimes

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC There’s a great deal of fan speculation that Dwight will soon switch sides and help out Rick Grimes. During the most recent episode, “Hostiles and Calamities,” there were parts that seemed like he might and parts where he seems too far gone.

Dwight’s the first one on the scene to try and figure out what’s going on at the Sanctuary. After they discover that Fat Joey has been killed, he jets over to the jail cell to check on Daryl.

Unfortunately for Dwight, he finds an empty cell.

Daryl And Sherry Both Missing

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

It’s a little fuzzy wh Dwight is so concerned about Daryl’s escape, but it’s likely due to his own self-interest. As soon as Negan finds out, several of the men beat up on Dwight and then throw him back in the box.

Beyond this, Dwight also discovers a note in his bedroom that was left for Daryl. The note was left by an unknown, but based on Sherry’s disappearance, Dwight (and Negan) believe that she may be behind Daryl’s escape.

When asked about this, however, Dwight denies her involvement.

After Negan decides to free Dwight, the leader sends his right-hand man out to look for Sherry. In a heartbreaking scene, we hear a voiceover from Sherry while Dwight digs through an old hideout they shared together.

Sherry thinks that she has lost the old version of Dwight and she brings up the fact she doesn’t believe he’ll find her letter nor will he remember to meet her. She’s already gone, but it obviously that Dwight does remember.

Dwight May Be Too Far Gone

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC


Sherry mentions some beer and pretzels. As Dwight leaves, he empties out beer and pretzels and then walks out the door. At this point, it seems like there is still good in Dwight.

However, later in the episode, he throws the doctor under the bus.

Dwight plants evidence to make it look like the doctor helped Daryl and Sherry escape, which leads to Negan killing the man. It’s possible that Dwight may be too evil to ever help Rick, especially without Sherry by his side.

Do you think there’s any good left in Dwight?

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