IT’S OFFICIAL: The Longest Running Television Series In History Is…


Is The Big Bang Theory Now The Longest Running TV Show In History?

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The short answer is no. The Big Bang Theory renewal caused fans to cheer, and do a little happy dance. It seems that with 12 confirmed seasons to look forward to, this show MUST be breaking records. It’s not actually the longest running show ever though, so what is?

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Another CBS hit, NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service), was also renewed by the network at the same time as Big Bang. This will be NCIS’s 14th season, topping TBBT by two. NCIS revolves around police procedures, and US Navy and Marine Corps crimes. The show has some avid viewers, and has done well by the network.

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TBBT may be rounding the corner of 12 seasons, but that’s nothing compared to the 28 that The Simpsons has under its belt. The adult cartoon first premiered in 1998, and is every bit as relevant today. The second longest running series was actually also a CBS network show. Gunsmoke premiered in 1955 and ran through 1975 accumulating 20 seasons. It seems CBS knows how to create long lasting and captivating content.

Shows TBBT Beat

It may not be the longest ever, but 12 seasons is nothing to scoff at. The Big Bang Theory season 11 renewal means that TBBT has now surpassed its constant comparison, Friends. Friends is often brought up when TBBT’s success is discussed. Both are iconic comedies that raked in million dollar salaries for their actors. The Friends cast decided collectively to end the show after ten seasons. It doesn’t seem like Jim Parsons and gang will be following suit.

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TBBT has already beaten out comedy icon How I Met Your Mother which lasted 9 seasons Many fans have pointed out that Sheldon Cooper and Barney are nearly opposite characters, but both make for great television.

So what makes a great long lasting show? That’s decided by the fans. We’re just glad we get two more seasons of The Big Bang Theory to enjoy.


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