The preview will shed light on Nick’s past. The ex-Heroin addict was tempted by drugs once again. Also, we will be learning about Alejandro. There’s a lot of suspicion about the validity of Alejandro’s claim to being bitten without infection. There is even a seen with Nick crushing up a bunch of pills saying, “I’m a junkie, trust me. Let me make this tight.”

Luciana is then seen knocking on Nick’s door. So Nick may have a second love interest in the Fear the Walking Dead series. It’s a definite possibility, could Nick end up being the next Daryl Dixon? Many female fans of the show have reported Nick is the hottest guy on the show. It would make sense for the creators to make him the lady’s man of the series.

We will also be learning about Madison and Strand’s escape from the Walkers bar at the resort. So Do Not Disturb was focused around several characters rather than one or two. One more important point of Do Not Disturb to point out was the radical behavior of Chris. The severally troubled teen crossed the line when he shot a man in cold blood. Travis watched in horror as his son crossed the point of no return. Do Not Disturb ended with Travis being terrified of his son, refusing his help in anyway. The next episode is called Pablo & Jessica.

More on episode 211: ‘Pablo & Jessica.’ of Fear the Walking Dead

episode 211: ‘Pablo & Jessica.’Chris sees the world in a different light then his father. His main goal is to find other survivors of the horror who will accept him as he is. Chris has a mindset focused on survival with a trust no one attitude. The other part of the episode focused on Alicia and Elaina. They were scouring the hotel for supplies when they were hit by an onslaught of undead. The two eventually found a group of uber-angry survivors left for dead by Elena. Strand and Madison ultimately saved the duo who were cornered by the ravenous undead.

Another thing we’ll see is Madison and Jessica attempting to bring two separate factions of people together. Unfortunately, there have been some deaths so it’s unlikely Madison and Jessica will be able to bring the two groups together. Chris and Travis will most likely be let go until episode 212 or 213 of Fear the Walking Dead. It will be interesting to see what develops with the father son duo. The rest of Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead looks to be a good for the fans. What do you think the creators could do to improve on the show?

Pablo & Jessica will take over the next episode following these scenes from Do Not Disturb on Sunday at 9 PM ET on AMC.

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