Iain Armitage’s Father Celebrates His Own Acting Success…

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Iain Armitage will star in Young Sheldon, set to premiere this September on CBS. He is destined for acting greatness. However, his father recently received quite a bit of success in the theater world.

Iain Armitage’s Father

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If you are a die-hard TBBT fan, then by now you probably know who Iain Armitage is. The nine-year-old has been making headlines all summer as he promotes Young Sheldon with Jim Parsons. Jim has even said the pair formed an “unlikely bond.” He thinks Iain is something seriously special. 

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However, Iain isn’t the only one in his family currently experiencing serious success. Iain’s father, Euan Morton, was recently cast as King George in the great Broadway hit Hamilton. Euan began playing King George on the Great White Way on July 28th. Many actors covet a position in Hamilton because Hamilton tickets have been breaking all kinds of records, costing some audience members over 1,000 dollars just to see the show. We imagine Euan is over the moon.

We imagine Euan is over the moon.

Morton appeared in Taboor many years ago and received a Tony nomination. Most recently he performed in the touring production of Hedwig and The Angry Itch. He knows Lin-Manuel Miranda personally–the star has been corresponding with Iain on social media recently. We imagine they are all good family friends.

Euan Morton

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Euan was born in Scotland and graduated from the Mountview Academy, Theater Arts in London. On top of his many West End, Broadway, and touring production appearances, Euan completed voice over work and narrated quite a few audio books. Something Sheldon Cooper would find very cool? Euan voiced a Sith in  MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republictalk about family ties.

It makes sense that Iain Armitage’s father is a huge success. Iain had to learn it from somewhere.


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