Iain Armitage Talks About Acting And Sounds WAY Older Than 9 Years Old

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-22

Iain Armitage is certainly a gifted child. The nine-year-old will be starring in the upcoming spin-off, Young Sheldon. Most recently he has been hitting the media trail with Jim Parsons, and we have to admit- we’re impressed.

Iain Armitage’s Maturity

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The young child actor speaks with eloquence and has a sarcastic, somewhat quirky sense of humor. While most nine-year-olds don’t understand their own complex emotions, Jim Parsons recently told Jimmy Kimmel that Iain “thinks like a man, but then he’s just a kid.” He also expressed that he believes Iain is, “a smart, empathetic actor…”

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What does Iain have to say about Jim? Well, Iain told TV Guide, “He’s kind and fun to be around, and he makes anyone happy.” That seems like a typical nine-year-old answer. However, it was his next statement that shocked us. Iain was able to articulate that he and Sheldon are alike in the strength of their passions, but that they do not share are the same passions. That’s some pretty profound insight coming from a nine-year-old.

Iain said, “I’m like Sheldon in some ways, and different from Sheldon in some ways. For example, we both really like what we like. We’re very passionate about what we like. I’m passionate about theater, magic, stuffed animals, Tae Kwon Do, acting, the list goes on and on. He’s passionate about science math school, all kinds of things.”

He’s Really Just Playing Make Believe

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Iain’s most profound statement came when he was much younger. The star got his big television break on HBO’s Big Little Lies. At the time of production, he told The New York Times, “My main tool is my imagination…I love playing. Things like Transformers. Movies are basically just playing, but bigger, and people watching.”

Talk about mature insight. 

Are you shocked by Iain Armitage’s age and maturity?

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