Iain Armitage Gave Jim Parsons Maybe The Strangest Gift Ever…


Iain Armitage just gave Jim Parsons a unique gift, and we can’t handle the cuteness. It seems this acting pair is a match made in heaven.

Iain Armitage And His Ant Farm

Iain is ridiculously proud of his ant farm!

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Iain Armitage is the new face of Sheldon Cooper, the iconic character originally played by Jim Parsons on The Big Bang Theory for the past ten years. Iain has also been seen on HBO’s Big Little Lies.

Iain is a unique kid, wise beyond his years, with acting talent but still a kid nonetheless. He apparently has a super unique fascination as well- with ant farms. Iain’s mom Instagrammed a photo through the account she manages for him with a picture of Iain holding his bright blue ant farm. She said the young star is “ridiculously proud” of the little habitat he watches over.

He’s so proud that he gifted an identical farm to his co-star and producer Jim Parsons. His mother wrote, “It’s usually considered unwise to give someone a living present but Iain thinks an ant farm is the best gift ever…” Jim seemed to think the whole thing was hilarious and adorable. He posted the same picture and said, “Thank you [Iain] for my ant farm!…” Jim even posted two more videos of the gift, showing to his followers how hard the ants were working on their tunnels.

A Special Bond

It seems Jim and Iain have truly grown a special bond on the set of Young Sheldon. Jim is narrating the series, as well as serving as executive producer. It’s been reported he’s also offering pointers to Iain about how to portray Sheldon. Jim has said that Iain is “inspirational” on set. He told Iain, “You are having fun and it’s been really inspirational to watch…There’s just a way in which he’s tackling all this that is such fun and such joy of the process… You’re a reminder to, I think, anybody who’s been doing it for a while to [see] how much fun it is.”

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