Iain Armitage Congratulates His Dad With This Video

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Iain Armitage, the new star of Young Sheldon comes from some pretty talented parents. He announced earlier this week on his Youtube channel that his father will be playing King George on Broadway in Hamilton. The little star’s congratulation video is just about the cutest thing we’ve seen.

Iain Armitage’s Dad

Iain Armitage is the son of Euan Morton and Lee Armitage. Euan has appeared in various Broadway musicals, including Taboo, and Sonheim. Most recently he had been seen in Hedwig and The Angry Itch. Iain has always been very proud of his father, and as a theater critic, he is able to share a love of musicals with him.

Recently, Iain announced some big news about his dad. Iain told his Youtube subscribers, “I like to consider myself one of the first Hamilton kids…My father, Euan Morton is going to be King George in Hamilton on Broadway! I’m so excited, I’m going to have a party right after I do this video!’

That wasn’t all Iain had to say. He also performed a full-length song, addressed to his father. You could tell how proud Iain is. This must be his equivalent to his dad telling him he’s Superman. 

Family Ties

Iain has other connections with Hamilton. The young star has been corresponding publicly with Lin-Manuel Miranda, the writer, and producer of Hamilton. The two met at a preview of the show when Lin-Manuel noticed Iain in the audience and tweeted at him.

Lin-Manuel also recently called Iain out for being all over buses in Manhattan. The mobile billboards promote The Big Bang Theory spin-off series, Young Sheldon. The Tony award winner told Iain, “We’re all gonna brag and say we knew you when.”

Iain certainly has a lot going on this month. He’s currently filming episodes for Young Sheldon, and working with Jim Parsons to portray the iconic role. Now he also gets to see his father perform in one of his favorite musicals. Talk about a whirlwind summer. 

Do you think Iain Armitage is the cutest son ever?


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