The History of Bernadette and Howard Part 3


We last left off on our “Howardette” recap at the wedding. So now we’ll look at their life as a married couple. This period of time starts at season six.

In the episode “The Date Night Variable,” Bernadette insists that Howard tell her mother that they are moving out of his mother’s house. However, Howard told his mother that they were reconsidering the move. He considers remaining at the International Space Station rather than facing the two women in his life that he had lied to.

In an episode where Sheldon has to work on a project with Barry, Howard spends a lot of money on a 3-D printer to make a mini-Howard and mini-Bernadette. She loves them until she learns how much they spent. She takes him off their joint checking account until he can learn the value of money.

Bernadette and Howard have a hilarious adventure when they go to a Cirque de Soliel show. They injure themselves afterward attempting extremely kinky sex. As they recover, Howard learns that his mother has been doting heavily on Raj, in effect treating him as a surrogate son and won’t let him out of her house.

After Amy starts working at Caltech, Howard mentions that he wouldn’t want to be working with Bernadette all day long. Sheldon repeats his comments in front of Bernadette. Who confronts Howard and then tells him not to come home after he lies about it. Later they apologize to each other. Howard promised to turn over a new leaf and make her his priority. After he finishes the new Batman game with Raj, making Bernadette mad again.

Their relationship is a bit strained after Howard’s mother breaks her leg and they have to move in with her to take care of her. Their solution is to get a nurse to take care of her and they realize that they are experiencing what it will be like to care for a baby. If they had one.

Later on, Raj learns that his parents are getting divorce lawyers. It seems over the years they did not communicate and let a lot of little things boil over until they hated each other. Bernadette worries about their marriage and Howard is reluctant to describe what bothers him about Bernadette. Howard has been through couples’ therapy (with Raj) and one trick is to describe what one loves about the other. It starts out fine, but then get petty as they sarcastically tell each other what bothers in pseudo-supportive terms.


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After the death of Howard’s mother, they work on her house and move in leaving Bernadette’s apartment in the latter part of season 8. Bernadette wants to redecorate the house to remove anything she finds depressing. Stuart moves out and the redecorating is accomplished.

In the episode “The Valentino Submergence”, she mentions that she is pregnant with their first child to the rabbit they rescued. She eventually tells Howard the news. Howard is at first freaked out at the responsibility of raising a child and then embraces the future as much as Bernadette does.

Eventually, Raj starts getting too personal with his interest in Bernadette’s gestation. They ask him to back off. They all get to hear the baby’s heartbeat, while Bernadette is getting extra emotional due to her increased hormone levels.

That concludes the current history of Bernadette and Howard. However, with the upcoming tenth season, we all have a baby Walowitz to look forward to soon. I can only imagine the hilarity that will come.