“Bury Me Here” Would Have Been Entirely Different If Daryl Dixon Had Stayed…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC This year’s The Walking Dead timeline has been a little harder to follow with the various episode story arcs, but it would appear that Daryl Dixon left the Kingdom and then a day or two later, Carol went to Morgan to find out the truth about Alexandria.

This is a huge point for one big reason… 

If Daryl had stayed in the Kingdom, “Bury Me Here” would have likely been a lot different than the episode we saw this week.

Here’s how: 

Daryl Dixon probably would have stopped Richard’s intricate plan, which led to Benjamin’s death.

After all, Richard and Daryl didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye…

If Daryl Dixon Had Stayed…

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Starting at the beginning, if Carol had woke up and wanted to talk to Morgan, she could have simply spoken with Daryl. At this point, Daryl may have told her the truth about what happened, seeing as she’s on a mission for the truth.

Instead, when Morgan told her that she needed to speak with Daryl, she decided to simply go back home. This is proven when Morgan and the King’s men arrive later and bring an injured Benjamin to her home where he dies on her table.

This may not have happened if Daryl Dixon had stayed around.

Daryl Could Have Saved Benjamin

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

While Daryl would not have been with the King at the drop, because he’s hiding from the Saviors, it’s possible that he would have stopped Richard’s plan. Richard wanted to set up Carol to start a war with the Kingdom and the Saviors.

If Daryl had stayed, he may have kept a closer tab on Richard, especially if he noticed Richard start doing all of these things alone. Daryl could have tracked him quietly and stopped everything before it happened.

If he let things go ahead, he also could have taken out Jared before Benjamin was killed. Obviously, this is a drastic action, but it’s not unthinkable. In more ways than one, Daryl could have saved Benjamin from being killed.

Unfortunately, Daryl Dixon is nowhere to be found at this point in the season.

Do you think Daryl Dixon should have stayed in the Kingdom?

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