Wil Wheaton might not be a regular cast member of The Big Bang Theory, but he certainly has left his mark on the series. It’s crazy to think that this guy got his job on the number one comedy just by tweeting.

Wil Wheaton, like many of the TBBT cast, got his start in television at an early age. He appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation as Wesley Crusher when he was only 15 years old.

Since then he as appeared as a darker version of himself on The Big Bang Theory. He is Sheldon’s arch nemesis due to a childhood incident. Wheaton didn’t show up to a Star Trek convention Sheldon was attending, and he held a grudge about it for 15 years. 

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Throughout the series, the two have been competitive but then in the fifth season they make up, and since then Wil has been a friend of the gang. 

All of this began when Wil made one tweet at the show. Wil told Larry King, “I was talking on Twitter about how much I loved the show and how I thought it was really funny.” He sent the tweet out into the internet, and CBS producers caught wind of it. 

At first, Steve Molaro reached out to Wil, inviting him to simply observe a live taping. Then, the producers took it one step further. Bill Prady personally emailed Wil asking him if he’d like to appear on the show. Wil was so shocked, he thought the email was a practical joke.

Wil Isn’t Really Playing Himself

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Wil technically appears as himself on the show, but he’s admitted he’s playing a character version. Wil Wheaton isn’t really mean in real life, and would never scam a fan like he did Sheldon. He said, “It’s always more fun to be the villain…I still call him Evil Wil Wheaton.”

Can you believe all Wil Wheaton had to do to get on Big Bang Theory was send out a tweet?

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