Beverly Hofstadter is a well-loved and also well-hated recurring character on The Big Bang Theory. She is Leonard’s uncaring mother who loves to stick her nose in things. If you’re a true Big Bang Theory fan you’ll be able to answer these 6 Beverly Hofstadter trivia questions.

Beverly Hofstadter

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  1. Beverly is a pretty terrible mother. We can all agree on that. However, it’s particularly surprising considering she has what occupation?

Beverly Hofstadter is an acclaimed psychiatrist. She has both a PhD and MD in nueroscience and psychiatry. It’s a wonder she doesn’t realize how her behavior affects Leonard.

2. When is Beverly first mentioned in the series?

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Leonard first speaks of his mother to Penny in The Hamburger Postulate. Penny asks why he plays the cello, and Leonard replies his parents didn’t think naming him Leonard and signing him up for AP classes was getting him bullied enough.

3. In which episode do we actually meet Beverly Hofstadter, played by Christine Baranski?

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We first meet Beverly in The Maternal Capacitance. She comes to visit Leonard and upset nearly everyone with her rudeness, except of course Sheldon who finds he is just like her.

4. How did she humiliate Leonard at school when he was only 8 years old?

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Beverly made Leonard give back a blue ribbon he won at a science fair when she realized her project was incredibly similar to his older brothers. Leonard’s project was titled “Do Lima Beans Grow Better to Classical Music?” and his brothers was “Do Lima Beans Grow Worse To RocknRoll?”

Beverly’s Books

5. What hurtful statement did Beverly right on the dust jacket of her book? Hint: It has to do with children.

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Beverly wrote, “there’s no guarantee even if you have kids that you’re going to like them.” on the inside cover of one of her books.

6. In which season of Big Bang Theory does Beverly Hofstadter not appear at all?

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Beverly Hofstadter does not appear in any episodes of season 6.

Were you able to answer these 6 Beverly Hofstadter trivia questions?

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