How To Parent Your Anxious Child- Korie Robertson’s Tips


Even the Robertsons, a seemingly perfect reality TV family, endure mental health crisis. It seems everyone we know has gone through something related to anxiety or depression. It can be even more challenging if it’s your own child struggling. Here’s how Korie Robertson helped Sadie Robertson out of a bout of anxiety and depression.

Sadie Robertson’s Depression

This is long😬but had to share because @legitsadierob book LIVE FEARLESS releases in 6 days🎉and I hope this post is an encouragement to you mamas with children who are worriers, have anxiety or just seem to live afraid….I’m often asked if I always knew @legitsadierob would be dancing on television one day, a speaker, writer and leader for her generation, and I always answer “yes and no.” Yes, because she was this little light in our home. Always entertaining us with her imitations of family members, dancing around the house. She kept us laughing and on our toes with a million questions about God and Jesus and was preaching on our coffee table from the time she could talk. She was definitely an original! On the other hand, she was my most shy and fearful child. She cried every morning at drop off in pre-school. Her teachers didn’t think she ever talked because she was so scared of getting in trouble in class that she never opened her mouth. She had a fear of tornados, which are rare where we live, a fear of sharks and we don’t live anywhere near the ocean…. We talked a lot about all of the verses in the Bible where God tells us “do not fear.” Told her that God lives inside of her and He didn’t give her a spirit of fear, but one of power! I often told her sometimes you just have to do it afraid…. I started seeing this take hold of her heart and mind in middle school. I noticed the verse Hebrews 10:35 taped to her bathroom mirror. She began realizing her confidence came from God and in His power and not her own. That year she was asked to go to Austria to compete in the jr Olympics in basketball for 9 days by herself! She was scared to death, but she did it anyway and her faith grew…. Fear wasn’t totally erased from her life yet. That was just the beginning. She has dealt with it off and on in numerous ways, but I have seen her overcome these fears one by one. God is doing big things through her because of her willingness, in spite of her fears, to trust in Him and lay it all at His feet. Sadie pours it all out there in this book, the good, the bad, the victory and freedom through Him! So excited for y’all to read it! Link in bio #livefearless #proudmom ❤️

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Sadie Robertson recently revealed that she struggled with major depression, anxiety, and unhealthy eating habits, while filming Dancing With The Stars. She wrote in her book Live Fearless, “Even after the show started, with every practice and every performance, I had to face my fear. Sometimes I felt like arrows of fear were flying at me from all different directions (just like in Ephesians 6:16)—fear of not getting my steps right, fear that something awkward might hap- pen with my wardrobe, fear of letting my partner down, fear of so many new experiences in such a short time.”

She explained being plagued with thoughts of fear. Sadie wrote, “My fear didn’t just stem from one particular thing; it was more of a bi-product of the battle happening in my heart and mind. I was trapped in a battle that took place 24/7, and it was one that day by day began to defeat me. My mirror, my pictures, my clothes, and my view were my worst enemies.” It seems that Hollywood had turned Sadie into a ball of anxiety.

However, Korie Robertson says this was nothing new…

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