How To Live Your Life The Phil Robertson Way… 6 Easy Steps


Are you feeling like life is just too overwhelming? Wishing you could slow down, and focus on the things that truly matter in life? Here are 6 easy steps to living your life the Phil Robertson way.

Head Outdoors More

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The number one way to model your life after Phil Robertson? Head outdoors. Hey, the Duck Dynasty alum has created an entire show about it. In The Woods With Phil appears on CRTV and shows Phil heading out into the quiet. 

He prefers the woods to the city. Out in the woods you’ll find solace, peace, and answers to life’s big questions. Phil says, “For far too long we have been told to shut up. No more. Here’s the deal America. These are my woods. Out here, I call the shots. Out here, we reject political correctness, or as I like to say, ‘pontificated crap.’”

He also wrote in his book Happy Happy Happy, “Since I was a little kid, I’ve had this profound connection and love for the deep, dark, unmolested woods. I’ve always had a longing to be in the deep woods or in the water. I want to be on lakes, streams, and rivers and surrounded by everything that comes with it – the ducks, birds, fish, and other wildlife.” If you’re feeling wound up in the big city, or even the confining suburbs, head out into wildlife and see what you find.

Throw Your Cell Phone In The Garbage

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The next step to living like Phil? Become independent from technology. Phil famously told fans he has never owned a cell phone or a laptop. Despite being all over the Internet in memes, videos, and TV episodes, Phil never uses the service. 

He explained, “Americans need to get off their cell phones— my sons included. Contrary to what you’re thinking, you can live without them. I promise you can operate and function without them. I don’t have one. You don’t have to have one, either.”

He also believes social networks are making us lonelier. Phil stated, ” I’m convinced that the Internet and social media in particular, the very things that were supposed to bring us closer together, have actually distanced us from each other more than ever before. They’re destroying the social interaction among humans. We don’t talk to anybody anymore, and we’ve isolated ourselves, spending most of our time in front of a computer or tapping the screens of our smartphones and tablets. We’ve become robots.”

Even if you’re not quite ready to get rid of your gadgets for good, you can still take a page out of Phil’s book and cut down. Even designating just one day a week to be device free can work wonders for your mental clarity.

Be Your Wife’s Best Friend

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A happy wife, means a happy life. At least that’s what Phil Robertson believes. Despite note treating Miss Kay like a queen in the early years of their marriage, Phil now refers to her as his best friend. The pair are almost inseparable, and have gone through some seriously tough times together.

Kay Robertson said of Phil, “I have a husband who is my best buddy and friend, my lover, my Christian brother, my champion, and the person who will always be there through thick and thin.” Treating your family members with love and respect will in turn make you a happy and fulfilled individual.

Phil is also able to admit when he’s been wrong. He knows that he didn’t treat Kay right from the beginning. However, he’s made up for it ten-fold by continuing to honor her and their family. 

Don’t Worry About Your Health

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Phil isn’t big on worrying. There’s nothing that can stress a person out more than their health. What’s ironic is that stress itself is the thing that can really turn a person’s life south.

At a Roy Moore rally last year Phil explained his entire philosophy on health care and insurance. He said, “I didn’t have any kind of health insurance for 50 years. None. You say ‘did your family have health care insurance? Your mama and daddy and your kin folks?’ We never heard of that. You say ‘well what if something had happened?’ It didn’t.”

Now of course, we aren’t suggesting you go out and completely cancel your health insurance. However, we can all take a page out of Phil’s book and remind ourselves of what’s REALLY important. Phil went on to say, “Look, you know why you shouldn’t get too concerned about Obamacare, or whatever they replace it with if they replace it? You know why you shouldn’t get all excited? Alabama, any kind of healthcare you get it’s not going to keep you out of a six foot hole… Well if we all going into a six foot hole anyway, with or without health care? They may could slow it down maybe and give you a few more years. You say ‘the dude is saying I’m going to die.’ Therefore, why don’t you all invest in eternal health care?”

What’s his point? We need to focus more on healing out souls than our bodies. Phil says eternal health care has “already been paid for,” by Jesus Christ. Because of that you can rest easy no matter what the physical world throws at you.

Leave Things You Don’t Love

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Are you working a job you hate? Are you staying in a relationship that isn’t serving you? Take a page out of Phil’s book and leave the things you don’t love, even if they seem to be advancing you in society.

Phil is a perfect example of this. He was all set to play professional football. Phil started AHEAD of Terry Bradshaw at Louisiana Tech, and was a sure fire for the league. That would of meant serious fame, and probably instant fortune. 

However, Phil’s heart just wasn’t in the game, so he left it. Despite being a gifted player, he felt a calling to something else. What was that something else? Ducks.

Even if you’re great at something, if you don’t love it perhaps you should look for a new passion. Phil followed his passion, and it turned out pretty great.

Put God Above All Else

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The final way to live life like Phil Robertson? Put your faith above all else. Phil says, “Everywhere my sons and I go, we’re telling people the good news about Jesus, blowing duck calls, and making people, happy, happy– then down the road we go.” Faith first, and the rest will fall into place.