Bodily functions are usually pretty funny. Okay, they’re always funny. But they usually don’t scare the wits out of little girls.

A shot of both a scare little girl and a scared horse — all because of a simple bodily function (photo via YouTube) One girl was walking beside what seems to be one of her horses out in the country on a dirt road. Sounds like the quintessential country life, right? 

It was, until that horse farted so loud it scared the little girl — and itself!

As the girl and horse casually walked down the path — she petting and feeding the animal — a flatulent shot out of the horse, making itself jump out of fear. The girl, believing she was in danger, jumped off the path, under the fence, and into the greenery on the side of the road.

“What was that?” said the woman shooting the video.

That woman — possibly the girl’s mom — wondered if the she would be okay. And sure enough, the little girl — after seeing there was no real danger at hand — sprinted back to her horse.

People commenting on the video, which has over 5 million views on YouTube — provided some additional laughs.

“The horse looked at the girl, like why did you do that!?” jokes Paul.

“I could imagine myself doing this home alone,” admits Laura.

“I can smell that from here,” said another person.

It’s pretty much universally true — farting is hilarious. Watch the full video below.

If you’re a Duck Dynasty fan, you’re probably thinking of that one time Uncle Si showed himself to be a horse whisperer.

“Si, quit messing with this horse,” Willie says as they look at some different race horses. “I may invest in this thing.

“I’m not bothering the horse,” Si responds. “We’re having a conversation here.”

Watch how the scene unfolds below.

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