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This article is the second installment in a three part article all about the relationship of Amy and Sheldon, or “Shamy”

Learning to Be a Pair.

In “The Shiny Trinket Maneuver”, the episode begins with Shamy at The Cheesecake Factory on a date. Amy has major news to share with Sheldon. An article that she wrote is going to be published in the journal Neuron. Sheldon ignores Amy’s excitement and is too busy checking his Twitter. Upset, Amy heads to the restroom and leaves Sheldon alone.

Sheldon later confides in Penny that he does not feel excited by Amy’s accomplishment. Penny tells him to fake it. After talking with Leonard, Sheldon decides to buy Amy a gift and ends up getting her a tiara. Later, when Sheldon presents the gift to Amy, Sheldon apologizes and congratulates her on her article.

Nursing Amy

Sheldon finds out that Amy has the flu and she asks him to take care of her per their Relationship Agreement in “The Fish Guts Displacement. “At first Sheldon says that that is meant for her to take care of him when he is sick and then leaves. Moments later Sheldon has a change of heart and goes back to take care of her. He offers to put a damp rag on her forehead, sing to her, and rub Vick’s Vapor Rub on her chest. Amy sits up, and suggests they start with the vapor rub.

A few days later, Bernadette visits her and learns that Amy is feeling fine and is prolonging Sheldon taking care of her. A couple of days later, Sheldon has the results of a cheek swab which says that she is no longer sick. Amy apologizes and Sheldon is disappointed because he thought their relationship was based on trust and mutual respect. He says that she needs to be punished so that that doesn’t happen again. She thinks she should not be allowed to see the next Star Trek movie, but Sheldon feels that that is too harsh a punishment.

Getting Comfortable

Instead, he decides to spank her, a punishment he had seen his father perform on his brother. However, she seems to enjoy it saying “oh my.” Sheldon picks up on it and he tells her off. The bathing, spanking, and chest rubbing show how Sheldon has become more comfortable with touching Amy.


In “The Cooper/Kripke Inversion,”  Sheldon lies to Kripke about sleeping with Amy after Kripke performs better than him on a project. When Penny asked if their relationship would ever become physical, Sheldon replied, “It’s a possibility.”

When Amy shows up for their dinner plans in “The Tangible Affection Proof,” she decides to cancel Valentine’s Day altogether. She tells him that they’ll eat pizza and watch one of his Star Trek/War movies since that is what he’d prefer  to do on Valentine’s Day. Sheldon decides to still give Amy her gift for her kind gesture.  

He shows Amy that she is now his emergency point of contact at the university. He tells Amy that if he’s had a stroke that she would be the one he wanted by his side, which almost sends Amy into tears. This action shows her importance to Sheldon, that he trusts her. Thus making the Shamy dynamic stronger.

The First “I Love You”

In “The Prom Equivalency”, Sheldon is worried after hearing from both Penny and Leonard that the social convention after prom is to have sex with your date. After seeing Amy in her prom dress, Sheldon runs off distressed.

Later, Amy comes into Sheldon’s room and Sheldon tells Amy about his concerns. Amy tells Sheldon that it is okay and he didn’t have to spend the night with her unless he wanted to. Amy just wanted to have a nice time at the prom. She goes on to say that she wants to tell him something and that it was okay if Sheldon didn’t feel the same way. Sheldon responds by saying, “I love you too,” shocking Amy. Sheldon further confesses his love saying that there is no other way to describe his feelings for her. Though he briefly considered it was a brain parasite. The episode ends with the happy couple taking a picture at the prom photo booth together both looking happy.

Love Found and Lost

Amy insists that Sheldon come to her Christmas Eve dinner party in “The Clean Room Infiltration,” despite his dislike for the Christmas season. Sheldon admits to Bernadette that he loves Amy and Amy admits her love for Sheldon in front of everyone. Shamy explosion!

In “The Commitment Determination”, Shamy are making out on the couch for their fifth anniversary, when Sheldon suddenly asks Amy about the new Flash TV show. Amy stops him thinking that he should be concentrating more on her. Sheldon thinks he is since he truly wants to know her opinion about the show.

For a couple of days, he doesn’t hear from Amy. Once he calls her, he finds out that Amy is totally exhausted physically and emotionally from being his girlfriend, so she wants to take a break and think about their relationship. Surprised and shocked, Sheldon reluctantly agrees and doesn’t know what to do with the engagement ring he has for her.

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