Chris Hardwick Jokes Rick-Shane-Judith Relationship

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Instagram Last Father’s Day, Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick posted a hilarious meme that poked fun at the relationship between Rick and Shane Walsh. The joke was at Rick’s expense since he believes Shane to be Judith’s real father.

“Happy Father’s Day,” said Lori as both Rick and Shane turned to see her. In the next frame, Rick’s response is “Wait, What?” where Shane only replies, “LOL.” The actor tagged the photo with #Coraaaal and #JudithSortaGrimes.

It’s unclear who made the original image, so Hardwick is merely reposting but one image is listed as Facebook/Deadthread.

Rick Believes Shane To Be Judith’s Dad

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Both Rick Grimes and actor Andrew Lincoln are the butt of the joke for Hardwick’s post. Rick Grimes revealed to Michonne in Season 7 that he didn’t believe that he could be Judith’s father, so she must be Shane’s daughter.

Despite not being the father of the child, Rick Grimes is doing whatever he can in order to protect Judith from Negan and everything else trying to bring her harm in the world of the undead.

Hardwick also pokes fun at Lincoln’s “Carl” pronunciation.

“Coraaaaaaaal” Shouts Rick Grimes

Andrew Lincoln originally comes from England, like many of the other actors and actresses on the show. When it comes to his Southern accent, some think it’s right on the money, but others make fun of the way he yells for Carl.

There’s actually even a video of every time they’ve said “Carl” on The Walking Dead. It’s mostly Rick Grimes, especially after both Shane and Lori are killed, but it’s clear that Rick does have the longest pronunciation of the name.

The more you hear it, the more it sounds like “Coral” from Rick, especially when the boy is in danger of walkers or other enemies.

Do you think Shane is actually Judith’s father?

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