HILARIOUS: You’ve Never Seen Jim Like This…


The Big Bang Theory Fans

Fans really love The Big Bang Theory, and frequently play around with fan-fiction. This includes photoshopping photos of the TBBT stars. Sometimes these pictures turn out great…and sometimes they’re just laughable. Here are five photoshopped photos we found on the web that gave us a great laugh.

Poor Jim Parsons

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photoby failheapchallenge.com

Poor Jim Parsons has been the victim of many photoshop scandals. We found this photo on the Fail Heap Challenge website. Sadly, we’ll never be able to unsee it.

Sheldon and Amy Forever

Image result for jim parsons bad
photo by pinterest.com

We found this photo floating around Pinterest, and have to admit it’s pretty good. It’s believable visually. However, Sheldon and Amy would never take a picture like this, and Amy would definitely never wear that dress.

Penny and Leonard In The Bar Codes

Image result for big bang theory photoshop

This is a funny image from FreakingNews.com that depicts Penny and Leonard in a shower together. However, the shower curtain and cap are made out of… bar codes? Very bizarre.

The Entourage

Image result for big bang theory photoshop
photo by designcrowd.com

How funny is this DesignCrowd blog post that puts the TBBT guys into other television shows. We have to admit, this is our favorite Photoshopped photo.

Funny Guy Sheldon

Image result for big bang theory photoshop
photo by damienmoreno.blogspot.com

Had to finish with a Big Bang- Sheldon looks like he’s wearing a silly snapchat filter here. Great job to DamienMoreno.blogspot.com for this masterpiece.

Sorry you probably won’t be able to un-see those photos. Have you ever had a Big Bang Theory photoshop fail?

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