Fans Are Pumped For Season 8 In October

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

After the Season 7 finale, fans are expecting big things from the Season 8 premiere, which will hit AMC in October. Andrew Lincoln has already mentioned his excitement and now Chandler Riggs has tweeted about the script.

Riggs tweeted, “Just finished reading 8×01 of The Walking Dead and, oh man, it’s so good. But, to be honest, the coolest part of every year for me is between the airing of the season finale and getting the first script of the new season.”

Riggs added, “Mainly because I get to speculate with fans on what will happen without any bias…”

Carl Grimes Was Nearly Killed 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Chandler Riggs obviously gets both experiences, the speculation and the reward of knowing before anyone else, but it’s great to see he too is a fan of the show and it’s more than just a job.

Riggs’ character Carl Grimes didn’t get a great deal of screen time in Season 7 (especially Season 7B), and when he did, he almost got his head taken off by Lucille in front of his dad.

Does this mean Carl Grimes will be featured in heavily in the premiere?

Predictions For Season 8’s Premiere 

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

It’s unclear what might happen next, but based on the fact that three new characters have been added as regulars (Jadis, Simon, and Enid), it’s possible that we haven’t seen the last of the Heapsters.

Rick, Rosita, and Michonne are all healing from the Season 7 finale, but it’s possible Rick will want to gather the troops early to hunt down the Heapsters. They did completely ruin his plan, get him shot, and almost killed his new girlfriend.

Beyond that, they put everyone in harm’s way. It’s possible that Rick could have let this go in order to focus purely on Negan, but based on the fact that Jadis is now a major character, the Heapsters will be around for a few more episodes.

What do you think has Chandler Riggs excited about the Season 8 premiere? 

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