The Robertsons visited Liberty University for an exclusive event recently. What did they talk about?

The Robertsons on stage at Liberty University (source: reported that they would be at Liberty University, but we didn’t exactly know what for. Now we do. They were there for Liberty’s convocation where they talked about some very important topics. The family that owns Duck Commander talked about their relationships with God, their great family values, and more. Interestingly enough, part of the series finale was shot on the university’s campus. So it’s understandable that thousands of students filled the Vines Center on campus to hear the family speak.

2And it sounds like the attendees were pumped for the occasion. 

“The fact that I was just able to see my childhood heroes up on the stage, it’s really incredible,” said freshman student Peter Christofides. Some students even dressed like the Robertsons, like junior Chase Orlandini, who wore camouflage and a fake beard to look like a Robertson man. “I wasn’t doing this just to get attention,” he said as he smiled. “I just wanted to show them how much of a fan I am.” That’s funny, but the night got serious and reverential at points. The Robertsons had a life lesson to tell the students.  “When I went to college, I was a P.E. major,” Willie Robertson said. “I thought I was going to be a pastor perhaps, and I had no idea the road that we would take.” And this is something that stuck with Christofides — something that he can relate to. “I got some goals I want to set for myself,” he said. “I know they are not going to happen right away.”Back C. Murph

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