Here’s the complete low-down on what the Duck Dynasty cast has been up to since the show ended earlier this year.

The Robertsons (Source: Facebook)

Duck Dynasty’s run on reality TV was one of the strongest out there, but after 11 killer seasons on A&E, it finally had to end. 

But the Robertsons’ lives did not end. So what have they been doing since the limelight left? (Make sure you tune into Part 2, where we’ll talk about Phil, Jase, and Missy).

Willie Robertson

Willie Robertson (Source: Facebook)

Willie loves gettin’ a job done and done right. He was in a lawn mower ad where he quickly cuts his grass before his wife, Korie, gets home.

When he’s not running Duck Commander and Buck Commander, he’s busy helping soldiers reunite with their families, like he did with a 10-year-old boy and his formerly deployed dad.

But most importantly, he’s enjoying his family life, especially his marriage with Korie.

Korie Robertson

Korie Robertson (Source: Fox News)

Speaking of Korie, she’s continuing her authorship skills with her latest book, Strong & Kind, which she announced will soon be re-released with a bunch of extra stuff.

She’s also been standing up for herself and her charity work by firing back on haters on social media.

“I’m just going to begin by saying this: Every time I post about great work being done in other countries I get hate,” she wrote on Facebook, going on to say she knows we have hardships here in America, but we also must help those in poverty around the world.

Sadie Robertson

Duck DynastySadie Robertson (photo via

Willie and Korie’s daughter Sadie is a busy young woman.

She’s been getting into acting more and more, starring in a country music video for singer-songwriter Lawson Bates and inking a movie deal with Hallmark. It seems the movie is going to be called “Sun Sand And Romance.”

Plus, she just announced she’ll be revamping the Live Original Tour and plans to hit 16 cities across the country.

So, yes, the Robertsons do have a life after Duck Dynasty. And it’s not a bad life either.

Make sure to keep an eye our for Part 2 to see what’s happening with Jase, Missy, and Phil!


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