Have You Met The Other Phil Robertsons?


The real Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson shares his name with a couple other fellows in the public eye (source: The Huffington Post)

Phil Robertson is the patriarch of the hit reality TV show Duck Dynasty as well as the founder of a multi-million dollar duck-call-making company. He’s also a champion sailboat racer and the deputy director for Human Rights Watch.

As it turns out, Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty is not the only Phil Robertson in the public eye. 

Phil Robertson, the sailboat racer

“Sailing has been in Phil Robertson’s blood since the age of 10,” according to the World Match Racing Tour

Basically, this Phil Robertson races other people in sailboats. He has won a bunch of awards, none of which anyone but sailing experts would be familiar with.

But this Phil Robertson doesn’t have the level of fame that Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson has. And it’s a good thing he’s not doing anything that would hurt the name.

Phil Robertson, the sailboat racer (source: Times Of Oman)

Phil Robertson, the deputy director

Phil Robertson, the deputy director (source: Asian Correspondent)

This Phil Robertson is the deputy director for Human Rights Watch’s Asia division. And what this organization does is pretty cool.

This nonprofit is “known for its accurate fact-finding, impartial reporting, effective use of media, and targeted advocacy, often in partnership with local human rights groups.”

So this Phil Robertson oversees their work in Southeast Asia, North Korea, and Japan. He does a lot of good, so he’s allowed to keep his name.

Fortunately, both of these Phils are giving the Phil Robertson name a good name.

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