Guess How Many Jokes Big Bang Theory Averages Per Minute…


Ever wondered JUST how funny Big Bang Theory is? We’ve got a statistic that would make Sheldon Cooper very happy. Here’s how many jokes Big Bang Theory averages per minute…

The Big Bang Theory Jokes

The Big Bang Theory has some of the best jokes on television. However, it also has some of the MOST jokes on television. TV Guide reported that the show averages 5.8 jokes per minute. That’s almost a joke every ten seconds. Talk about serious comedy power. They also noted that there are usually over 1400 laughs per episode. Talk about a serious ab workout.

So what are some of our favorite jokes through the years? There are seriously way too many to remember. But…we’ll try.

When Amy met Leonard

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Amy: Should I go? I’ve been told I overstay my welcome

Leonard; Who told you that?

Amy: Well, most recently my gynecologist.

This jokes Amy made about her gyno had us rolling laughing. It’s hard to remember way back in season 3 when we had just met Amy. The boys didn’t quite know what they were in for with this one.

Sheldon Throws The Ultimate Shade

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Leonard: I’ve dated plenty of women. There was Joyce Kim, Leslie Winkle.

Sheldon: Notify the editors of the Oxford Dictionary, plenty has been redefined to mean two.

Another oldie but goodie, we love when Sheldon throws the ultimate shade at his best friends. If we could we’d go back in time and reassure Leonard that he’d marry the girl of his dreams, and now to worry about Sheldon’s mean (but hilarious) comments.

Young Sheldon Reference

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(Sees a tie on Leonard’s door.)
Sheldon: What does it mean?
Penny: Oh, come on, you went to college.
Sheldon: Yes, but I was 11.

We love to look back on all the references made in Big Bang Theory and compare them to the new spin-off series Young Sheldon. This one is particularly hilarious, reminding us that in a few seasons if Young Sheldon lasts we’ll get to see little Cooper head off to college. We can only imagine the hilarious subject matter that awaits him.

What are some of your favorite Big Bang Theory jokes?