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Iain Armitage Cast As Young Sheldon

This week news broke that Iain Armitage has been cast as a young Sheldon in the new The Big Bang Theory spin-off. The actor that plays young Sheldon will have to portray the same genius nuance that Jim Parsons delivers. Based on what we know about this kid, Iain is up to the challenge. 

Here are five examples of his work.

He’s A Theater Critic

Sheldon may have been a science wiz at a young age, but Iain is a theater connoisseur at the ripe age of 9 years old. He gained fame rapidly when he began posting critiques on his Youtube channel. IMDB states that he saw his first show at just three years old, and immediately began sharing his opinions.

Here he reviews Freaky Friday at the Signature Theater in DC. He admits he prepared by watching the first two movies; he’s done his research. This is similar to how Sheldon may have looked up the scientific validity of a sci-fi movie before attending it. Although they are young experts in different fields, we are already starting to understand their similarities in real life.

He Reviews Matilda

Here Iain reviews the Broadway musical Matilda. In this video, Iain admits he was “very sensitive to people being mean,” when he was younger and “didn’t like seeing people be mean.” This is another similarity he already shares with Sheldon. Sheldon may seem cold and detached, but he’s very sensitive. We’ve gotten to realize his emotional needs over the past ten seasons.

Iain is very impressive in how well he can articulate his emotions at such a young age. This skill will serve him well as a young actor on major television series set.

Reviews Cats

We all know that Sheldon attended college at 11, and received his Ph.D. at 16. Iain will have to portray a character who is interested in learning and starts experiencing the adult world at a young age. However, this shouldn’t be a problem; Iain admits in this video he was interested in the complex musical Cats from 3 and a half years old. Talking about starting early.

It’s easy to see that Iain Armitage will make a great young Sheldon. He is adorable, young, and well articulated. He speaks like an adult, clearly has a strong grasp on emotion, narration, and acting, and obviously, loves to perform.

We can’t wait to tune in for the new Big Bang Theory spin-off.

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