Fun With Flags Is BACK- Big Bang Theory’s Funniest Bit Returns


You Gotta Know How To Fold ‘Em

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This week’s Big Bang Theory episode featured one of Big Bang Theory’s funniest bits. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Sheldon and Amy post a new Fun With Flags episode, but in The Separation Agitation we finally got a taste of our favorite Vlog.

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Sheldon Cooper Presents: Fun With Flags first appeared on The Big Bang Theory in seasons 5. The fourteenth episode, The Beta Test Initiation, featured Sheldon coming up with the idea for a podcast and youtube channel teaching the study of flags- otherwise known as Vexillology.

Over the course of the series Sheldon and Amy have adorned many costumes for hilarious episodes. Once Amy even dressed as a pretzel. Our favorite had to be when Sheldon dressed as Betsy Ross for The Champagne Reflection.

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Fun With Flags has only appeared in season 10 once before this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. In the Veracity Elasticity Footprints on the Moon was introduced. Footprints on the Moon is a new band, featuring Howard and Raj singing and playing instruments. It was a great moment, and we known Simon Helberg loves to bust out his musical talents whenever he can.

In this week’s Big Bang Theory episode we once again saw Footprints on The Moon perform. They created a new theme song called “Fun With Flags: Behind the Flags, a Retrospective.” Of course the lyrics were hilarious:

“Wondering how it all began?

You’ll need a good attention span

For information and entertainment

That’s equally effective

It’s Fun with Flags, Behind the Flags, A Retrospective, Flags!”

Callers Phone In

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The show was supposed to a be a call-in special, but it seemed no one wanted to speak on air. That is until Bert decided to call and proclaim he has a new girlfriend. Of course the show had to take it one step further to create Fun With Flags: Behind the Behind the Flags, a Retrospective Retrospective.

Did you love the return of Fun With Flags on this week’s Big Bang Theory Episode?

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