Four Reasons Duck Dynasty Can’t Leave Us



If you haven’t heard, because you were out hunting deer or ducks this past week- this is the final season for Duck Dynasty.  For those of us who have come to love the Duckman and their families, the gathering of the family and business antics of the Robertson’s, here are some reasons they should stay on the air.

  1. We love the teasing within the family.

With most families scattered across the country or world- it’s good to see a family who works, plays and spends time with each other. It shows that we can come together and not have that ‘holiday drama’ that tends to happen when 45 people gether for only 4 days a year.

The teasing of the boys, even the wives are refreshing. There is no tip toeing around with the Robertson’s. They say what they mean, they mean what they say and it’s all in love and admiration for each other.

  1. Their Christian world view is played out in the working world.

For many people trying to work their faith into the work place is challenging. Our pastors, teachers, parents tell us to stand by our world view- but really- they don’t tell us just how to do that. The Robertson’s have taught us how. They may be controversial, they may say things we aren’t comfortable with, but they stand by it. When family patriarch, Phil spoke about gays and blacks. A&E began to buckle under people who wanted Phil censored. The Duckman’s fans and Phil’s family stood by his thoughts and beliefs. In the end so did A&E.

We all need support system like the Robertsons.

As we go through life we need support. That support system should be a group of people with the same memories, experiences, love and honesty you need to make decisions and life workable. The Robertson’s have that. They support each other as they face new circumstances, parenting, illness and new business challenges. With family, all as close in proximity of each other, it helps them keep in touch with children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren. As children are moving away to go to colleges and lift their sites to their personal goals, we watch as the Phil’s sons come together to talk about the changing dynamics. However, the closeness is still very apparent.


  1. They are FUN!

In a world that is heavy with wars, hate, politics, murders and kidnapping, here is a family who   is living life with humor. It’s a refreshing show, Duck Dynasty. Some people have those ‘guilty pleasures’ of watching Housewives, Hoarders, Toddlers and Tiaras, Bad Girls, not to mention a list of B lister’s with their own ‘reality shows’, we watch to come to realize that as bad as our life is…  it’s not THIS bad!

 With the Robertson’s we get a half hour of smiles, sighs, giggles and peace.

We are sorry to see the Duckmen go… but they have said there will be specials in the future. Watch them in their final season on A&E on Wednesday nights.