How Fear the Walking Dead is Building to the Whisperers


Ever since Fear the Walking Dead was announced, there have been an untold amount of theories on how it will affect The Walking Dead. From crossovers to the two shows merging, there seems to be no end to the speculation. One of the subjects of all this theorizing are the iconic Walking Dead villains, The Whisperers.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit Image Comics

The Whisperers are a horrifying collection of individuals who move among the dead. They wield the walker hordes as a weapon and terrorize Rick’s group following their victory over Negan. There are many theories of how Fear the Walking Dead will lead into The Whisperers, but I’d take it a step further. Here are a couple characters I think will become part of the terrifying group.

Madison Will Lead the Whisperers as Alpha

Alpha Leads the Whisperers

The Whisperers may at first glance appear to be a chaotic group of crazies, but everything is not quite as it seems. They are certainly a little crazy, you kind of have to be to wear walker skin, but they all follow one, central leader. Alpha is the strong, steadfast leader of their group. She is characterized by her ruthless nature, and eventual her love for her family.

Madison of Fear the Walking Dead is anything but weak-willed. She compares to Alpha in many ways with her tough nature and love for her family. As the story of Fear has progressed we have seen her do some morally questionable things to protect what is important to her. These morally ambiguous actions could certainly lead her into ‘villain’ territory as she takes her place in The Walking Dead as Alpha.

Qaletaqa Walker Will Return as Beta

Beta, The Whisperers
Beta, Second-in-Command of The Whisperers

Another important member of The Whisperer hierarchy is Beta. He takes his place as second-in-command of the group, even leading them at one point in the story. Beta is a strong character who is often turned to as the enforcer for the Whisperers. HE is set in his beliefs and will fight to defend them.

We find many of these same characteristics with Qaletaqa Walker. He is fiercely loyal to those he leads, even at the expense of new friends. Further, his stature caries the same daunting strength we see in Beta. Last we saw Walker he was heading north, away from the loss of most of his followers. Perhaps Madison and her family will travel north after the events of Season 3’s finale. If they meet up, and learn to travel with walker herds as The Whisperers have, it is not inconceivable they will cross paths with Rick. Considering their place in the comics, such a meeting with Rick and his group will not be friendly. Madison and Walker will take their places as Alpha and Beta to face off against the danger they see in Rick.


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