Season 2 Finale: “Wrath/North” This was the two hour season finale of Fear the Walking Dead, and it wasn’t as disappointing as all of the other episodes. I know, shocking, an episode of FWD that I didn’t find totally unbearable, but let me just stress that I don’t mean it was good, I’m just referring specifically to its ending, which I will get to later in the article.

The episode begins with Ofelia driving towards the US/Mexican border. Her pick-up truck breaks down and we see her kill two zombies, and that’s really where her scene ends (pointless).

Frank Dillane as Nick Clark, Danay Garcia as Luciana - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Peter Iovino/AMCFrank Dillane as Nick Clark, Danay Garcia as Luciana – Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 2, Episode 14 – Photo Credit: Peter Iovino/AMC

Conflict with Alejandros community and the gang members rise, as they tell Nick that they no longer need his oxycontin, and that they’re going to get rid of him and his people. Why? If there was a reason, I missed it.

Back in the hotel, we see those two boys in the parking garage with the rest of the refugees, one with a dislocated shoulder, yet Chris is nowhere to be found. Where did he go? Apparently, get this, my friends, he died off screen! Yeah, removing any emotion we could have possibly felt for his untimely demise. According to the boys, he fell asleep at the wheel while driving and crashed their car, sending his femur bone jutting out of his leg in the process.  Leaving him useless, and therefore the boys felt warranted to send a bullet through his head, just as they did with their friend.

Madison attempts to hide this news from Travis, yet he sees her leading them away from his window, and catches them at the gate. They tell Travis what they did, and he then proceeds to beat them senseless: finally a proper response in this show! If anybody told me they killed my son I would react the exact same way, as every parent should! Travis ends up killing them, and is then sent to exile, where Madison and Alicia follow. Strand, however, decides to stay, claiming that he wasn’t going to put himself in danger for them, which I don’t get, since he saved their lives multiple times. But I’m no longer emotionally connected to this story, and am thankful this is the last episode of the season.

Back in Nick’s storyline. 

We learn that, after a walker attack, Alejandro is in fact not immune. So what was that bite on his shoulder that we saw earlier in the season? Some explanation about people only seeing what they want to see, that’s what. Lucinia decides to keep the news a secret, thoroughly believing that their faith in Alejandro was the only thing keeping the community together. The idea of faith being strong enough to move mountains has always personally bothered me, yet Fear in this episode decides to really push that message, with Alejandro making a big speech to his community about their faith protecting them from the gang members. Sure enough, they arrive, and Alejandro stays behind and releases a horde of walkers into the city while the rest of the community follows Nick north.

This is the ending of the episode that I mentioned previously in the article.  I didn’t enjoy it but at least found it interesting. They make it to the US/Mexican border and are ambushed by what appears to be military soldiers, who capture Lucinia and Nick.

Now why did they do that? Why are they stopping anyone from leaving Mexico? I’m sure that the answer is disappointing, yet at least something has finally caught my attention in this show.

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