Are the Rumors of a Fear the Walking Dead/Walking Dead Crossover True? Rumors surface that Fear The Walking Dead might some how be making a connection to The Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead is supposed to be a prequel to the Walking Dead only on a West Coast based setting. In previous updates, discussion and speculations about the show, there have been talks of a crossover between the two shows. I’m not sure how they would pull it off considering the difference in times, but anything is possible in the land of make believe that is Hollywood. According to the producers of the show and the folks at AMC however, a potential crossover has never been discussed of thought of.

I doubt no one has discussed it or at least thought about it, what they most likely mean is it has never been considered to be realistic. I can’t imagine it working well with the difference in fan base.

The Walking Dead has a significantly longer period of time for character development and to grow a very diehard group of fans.

Some of the fans of the Walking Dead are near fanatical and so much so I could see them chewing up and spitting out a crossover series without mercy.

I’ve already read countless articles, forums and comments from The Walking Dead fans, declaring their dislike or outright hatred for Fear the Walking Dead.

I feel it is a bit dramatic as the shows are created by the same Network and follow the same story line. To me it’s akin to when you have a favorite song from a group, once they release new music it can sound strange, weird and bizarre. Sometimes you can’t stand the new sounds of your old favorite bands.

But we all know from experience, when you allow yourself to drop the judgement and start listening to the new sound, oftentimes you adapt and it grows on you.

The old music soon becomes a thing of the past and something you listen to from time to time to reminisce.

I’m not saying that will happen with Fear the Walking Dead and the Walking Dead, but I will say the potential for growth on Fear the Walking Dead is there so we may see fans start to grow in appreciation for the new series.

Now, according to recent numbers from the mid-season premier that just aired that’s not the case, but the recent drop in numbers may be due to the ending of the Olympic Games that recently closed out in Rio. It’s my hope the show grows in popularity.

And even though it hasn’t been discussed in full by the Network, it would still be cool to see at least one episode with some crossover characters from both series in the future. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but it would be cool all the same. Like, Share and Comment below to let me know what you’re thoughts are on a potential crossover.

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