Will The Walking Dead Doom Fear the Walking Dead


The Walking Dead has suffered major rating drop recently. Alongside that, its spin-off Fear the Walking Dead is just bouncing back from a poorly executed Season 2. As it stands there are some real conversations that need to be had about the two shows and their futures. Proper adjustments now can reward fans with many more seasons of amazing content.

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Fear the Walking Dead is arguably a better show than its counterpart at this point in time. Season 8 of The Walking Dead saw the continuation of some blatant mistakes in storytelling and production. 

In the meantime, Fear had been making some real strides in improving upon the difficulties of its second season. Unfortunately, there are still some issues the shows share.

The Walking Dead Has a Character Problem

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

One of the biggest issues I have with The Walking Dead is its handling of characters. The character building is everywhere. 

Too often a character is presented with great depth and potential only for it to be squandered. We see characters grow to overcome their flaws, only to regress right back to their old ways. 

A great example of this is Eugene. We see his character grow to be useful and find his place within Ricks group, only to immediately give it all up to commit to the Saviors. 

Even this commitment is unstable, as the season reaches its break we find Eugene unable to commit to either side, undermining his prior decision to “be Negan.”  

This same type of writing is found with a variety of characters in Fear. Many characters either outright refuse to grow and learn through their journey, or just cease being developed. 

The only character in Season 2 with significant growth is Nick. Unfortunately, for Fear the Walking Dead, Nick cannot carry the show by himself.

Fear the Walking Dead Needs to Separate

Fear The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The Walking Dead has a host of issues. The advantage it does have, however, is time. The Walking Dead’s eight seasons have helped develop a strong world and significant backstory to the main cast. 

This allows it to overcome some of its flaws and carry on. Fear the Walking Dead does not have this luxury.

Fear does not have the history required to make viewers care about the main cast without proper development. In order to match or rise above the original show, Fear the Walking Dead must succeed where The Walking Dead has not. 

A great way to do this is to shift focus. A stronger focus on the collapse of society and the changes its characters must undergo to live through that collapse would allow Fear to grow into something different.

 Such a difference would bring renewed interest in the series, rather than have it feel like a sub-par The Walking Dead clone.

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