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Warning! [Spoilers] Fear the Walking Dead Episode: 208

By Hank Klinger | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-26

Get ready for a breakdown of what’s to come in the new episode of Fear the Walking Dead. 

Nick Clark Fear the walking dead

The new episode is primarily based around a heroin addict named Nick. It’s a pretty intense tale of personal change and freedom. Believe it or not, people really do care about their purpose in a post-apocalyptic, walker-filled world.

The episode starts off with Nick cruising up the highway after being sent on a mission. Nick has always been surrounded by death. Both as a drug addict and his life before. The premise is, he doesn’t see the dead in the same light as everyone else.

He actually is comfortable with them and relates to them. Kind of spooky and bizarre, but makes for a good storyline.

As the episode progresses, you begin to notice that Nick is excited about his new mission and his ability to explore this hostile new world. Nick can see there is a lot more going on than just a bunch of walkers wondering around.

Throughout Fear the Walking Dead, Episode 208, we see a lot of flashbacks. We learn that Nicks father died when he was a teen, and this adds some insight as to possible reasons for his internal trauma.

Nick is carrying a lot of demons of his past and it weighs on him. He’s pretty pissed off about life in general, and it seems as though, he didn’t have much of a relationship with his father.

As it fades back into the present moment, we see Nick alone and lost in the desert. As if that wasn’t bad enough he is then attacked by dogs. He is left fearing for his life. Stranded on top of a bus, he resorts to what almost everyone does when death is near, he prays.

His prayers are answered by his undead brethren and you get to watch as the wild dogs foolishly attack the very large group of walkers at their own peril and demise. Nick instantly feels as though he is one with the undead and in the next scene it’s like he’s one of the family. He literally begins to walk along with them, blood-soaked and creeping along too.

He’s even got a limp and is dragging his foot because of an injury.

Fade back into the past and we see Nick with Gloria again. It’s easy to see how in love they are. It’s also clear why Nick beats himself up so much, considering he’s the one that gives her the last shot of Heroin before she dies. The dude has got some serious problems and I’m beginning to suspect the walker apocalypse isn’t a fair shot off from his previous life.

After the scene of lying next to Gloria reading, we see Nick in the rain.

On the street, flat on his back his eyes begin to open and it’s like new life is sparked within him. Because he has a deep and profound spiritual awakening of some type, he realizes he’s got a deeper purpose in life. His time here is not over.

In an unlikely twist of fate, Nick finds a village where he meets others like him. Happy in the land of the undead who do not see the walkers as some type of monster.

He begins to explore his new found home. We’ll see how Nick’s adventure begins to unfold in future episodes of Fear the Walking Dead so stay tuned.


*Editor’s Note: This post was edited for accuracy on September 12, 2016 

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