The Reason Travis Died Is Critical To Character Development On FTWD


One of the most difficult things to deal with in The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead is the death of characters. Even a minor characters’ death can be vastly upsetting. When it comes to some main characters unfortunate enough to die, it can cause an uproar in the fanbase. Many of us felt that outrage with the death of Travis Manawa.

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Travis had quickly become a fan favorite as he was introduced in the beginning of Fear the Walking Dead. His strong moral character and commitment to his family made him an easily likable guy. His death was pretty rough and it’s unfortunate that he will no longer be on the show. Still, I’m here to tell you that death was necessary.

Loss of Travis

Travis had a rough time at the beginning of Season 3. He was captured, along with his family, by a group that was running experiments on their prisoners. After helping to facilitate an escape, which freed Nick and Luciana, he fell back into the hands of his captors. This led to a continuation of an already bad day, where he had to fight in a pit of walkers. Travis seemed to catch a break when a herd of walkers allowed him to escape aboard a helicopter with Nick and the others.

Whew, Travis got away. Nope. The helicopter began taking fire and things just went downhill from there. One of the bullets struck the helicopter and ended up finding a home in Travis’s neck. Bleeding out and on the edge of death, Travis struggled to throw himself out of the helicopter. Alicia tried to stop him, but he reveals a walker bite and falls out of the aircraft door into the mountains below. That’s a pretty thorough death.

It Had To Happen

Travis Manawa

I was one of the fans who initially did not agree with the death of Travis. I felt he had so much more story left in his character. As time went on it became clear as to why he had to go. Travis was a major aspect of the group. His presence helped to strengthen the group and bolster them against the apocalyptic world. His strong moral code led the group in many decisions.

The loss of that moral compass for the group opened the door to dramatic character growth. Without Travis, the group must find for themselves what it is to remain morally good in their savage new world. If that death had not happened we very well could have been stuck with a repeat of Season 2, where the characters do not grow or develop in any significant way.


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