The Major Mistakes That Fear The Walking Dead Made On Season 2


Every so often, our favorite shows will lose their way. The writing takes a dip in quality in some cases and the show becomes tedious. In other situations, it can be as simple as a cut in the show’s budget that leads to negative change. However it happens, the effect is the same. We begin to lose interest in the show. Season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead experienced one of these bad turns.

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 promo photo (AMC)

It’s hard to say what went wrong with the season. No one thing can be blamed for the downturn. There are multitudes of issues that present themselves from the very beginning of the season and persist throughout. So, from beginning to end, let’s take a look at exactly shook Fear the Walking Dead from its solid foundation.

Season 2 Lost Focus

Season 2 started with one wild shift. The beginning of Fear the Walking Dead set a great tone for the zombie threat. We don’t see a huge number of walkers throughout the episodes and when they do turn up in number it becomes rightfully tense. Season 2 squanders this well-developed threat by immediately throwing as many walkers as possible at the group. The premiere feels like a textbook The Walking Dead season opener, complete with gory zombie kills.

As the season progresses, it does so at a dwindling pace. Season 2 seems to sluggishly progress through a plot with no apparent end in sight. We find our main conflict in the show to be something as petty as boat maintenance. There are a lot of ways to build a story in a show, this is not one.

The Characters Are Boring

The characters we grew to love in the first season of Fear seem to have changed. From the outset, all the development and character-building of Season 1 are thrown out. Madison was originally portrayed as fiercely loyal and protective of her family. Throughout the first half of Season 2, we see her stand by as Strand bosses that same family around, even going as far as to take Strand’s side.

These poor changes are compounded by a lack of development. On the boat, there is no real opportunity for characters to grow. Even the moral decisions within the plot have no actual grey area. Do you let a boat with easily 14-15 people board your yacht? Obviously not, what kind of decision is that? These issues persist throughout the season as we end with characters who have either entire stagnated or just gone in one big circle.

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