Could Fear The Walking Dead End By Merging With TWD?


As The Walking Dead prepares to enter the second half of Season 8, Fear the Walking Dead fans are patiently waiting for Season 4. The countless high points of Season 3 have left us hanging onto the edge of our seats waiting for more. In this lull between shows, with our small reprieve from the action, we can ask ourselves questions about Fear the Walking Dead. Who survived? What’s next? Most importantly— how will it end?

Fear The Walking Dead Title Card
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Unfortunately, we can’t answer all your Fear the Walking Dead questions in a single article. We can, however, answer one of the more exciting questions on everyone’s mind. 

Most of us have heard the old adage about enjoying the good times rather than thinking of how they will end. Well, this writer thinks that is terrible advice. Let’s talk about how Fear will end. We have some options.

The Shows Will Merge to Create One The Walking Dead

Whisperers are Great at Being Total Creeps | The Walking Dead Comic

We’re not talking about the crossover here, that is only the first step. Morgan’s journey to Fear the Walking Dead begins laying the groundwork for our respective protagonists to interact. There are much bigger things on the horizon.

Avid comic readers will recognize one of the more disturbing of The Walking Dead’s incredible antagonists. 

The Whisperers.

These borderline horror movie style villains enter the story with a bang— eliminating several main characters at once. Their initial show of force is so daunting it forces Rick to begin forming an organized military force to handle the threat.

The unique characteristic of the Whisperers is their sense of style. Each of them prepares and don walker skins— which is absolutely as gross as it sounds. This method is an evolution of the zombie guts bath some characters take in order to move through walker-infested areas unimpeded.

We’ve seen Nick learning quite a lot about herds and how to move through his new world throughout Fear the Walking Dead. It isn’t much of a stretch for us to see this continually evolve into the Whisperers, and using walker herds as a weapon. 

Perhaps the shows will merge by Rick against the horrifying turn Madison and company have taken.

A New Beginning for Fear the Walking Dead

fear the walking deadThe Walking Dead comic run, written by Robert Kirkman, is still ongoing. 

This means we certainly don’t have a solid end for either show as of yet. However, Kirkman has stated that he does have an ending in mind. This means that there are definitely hints as to where the story is heading.

The events following Negan’s war with Alexandria are a major transition point in the comics. A time skip shows the new world that Rick has been building. Alexandria, Hilltop, The Kingdom, and Sanctuary all live in harmony as they rebuild a world they once knew. 

Nonetheless, things go sideways fairly quickly, but its clear what these survivors are working for: a new beginning.

It could be that as the Fear group continues through their journey they will find somewhere to settle. Their efforts and lessons learned through countless apocalyptic trials will have prepared them to help build a society that cherishes what they have. 

That would certainly be a happy ending.

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