Why These Two Deaths On Fear The Walking Dead Hit Fans The Hardest


When it comes to shows like The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, there are moments that make us want to break down. It can get rough out there at the end of days. Few events in the show will hit harder than character deaths. No one wants to see that, especially when it’s your personal favorite. Still, death is necessary for the story to move on and for the surviving characters to grow.

T-Dog Was The Hero We All Needed

Much like its older counterpart, Fear the Walking Dead is no stranger to character deaths. Some major players have been lost in the show’s three seasons. Let’s take a melancholy look back at some of the biggest characters deaths so far. The ones that straight up sucker-punched our emotions.

Ofelia Went Out In The Saddest Way

Daniel Struggles to Cope With One of the Hardest Character Deaths

Ofelia was one of the best-developed characters in Fear. We saw her begin as a character who was defined by her relationship with her father and characterized by a reluctance to adapt to the new world. By the time her unfortunate death rolled around we had a verifiable hero on our hands. Few characters get that quality of treatment in shows such as this.

Her death continued the wonderful character arc she lived. In the end, she sacrificed her own life for others in the group. Her actions allowed Alicia and Crazy Dog to live on. 

As with all tragic deaths in the series, we were forced to come to terms with the harsh reality our characters face. Ofelia’s life faded away just as her father, Daniel, arrived to be reunited with his daughter. Just moments too soon for the pair to say the goodbyes they so truly deserved.

The Loss of Travis

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The Loss of Travis Was No Easier Than Ofelia

Travis’ death came out of nowhere. He had spent a lot of time on the show as a solid character but never had too much growth. Well, that was true up until the very end. 

The story before his death finally saw Travis beginning to change and become one of the most interesting characters on the show. This is not to say his death was meaningless. His death did provide an opportunity for others to grow.

Travis was a strong moral compass for the main cast of the show. 

Throughout his time in Fear, he struggled with his morality. Travis consistently fought to carry over the strong morality of the pre-zombie world into this new land of land of fear and rage. 

His death meant the loss of that strong moral center for the group and has forced the remaining characters to grow into their own.


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