Everyone’s Predicting THIS Crossover Will Happen Soon


Most fans have heard by now about the upcoming The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead crossover, and who the character will be. What many fans may not know is that there could be another character to hop shows. We already have a character moving from The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead, why not the other way around? 

Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead Worlds Collide
Crossover Incoming | Photo Credit Catchnews

There has been a lot of talk of crossovers since the announcement in October. Many theorized Abraham would be heading to Fear the Walking Dead, or Madison’s group would meet up with Negan before he led the Saviors.

There is one character that no one has considered until very recently.

2Excited? You Should Be.

Next Fear the Walking Dead Crossover Candidate
Next Crossover Character? | Photo Credit Youtube

There is little doubt at this point that anyone from the Fear the Walking Dead group could play an effective role in the east with Rick Grimes and company. Though we have a lot of information on the much-anticipated crossover, recent comments from Colman Domingo imply something more.

Colman believes his character could be crossing over as well. Colman plays the much loved Victor Strand on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead, an enigmatic and overtly pragmatic individual. The end of Season 3 for Fear the Walking Dead saw the group – including Strand – scattered with no obvious destination in sight. After that, many of the characters can turn up or head wherever they please in the upcoming season.

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