Why Fear The Walking Dead Fans Worry As Scott Gimple Become Executive Producer


Fear the Walking Dead had an intense, explosive finale to Season 3. After an admittedly slow second season, this last season was a step in the right direction– raising the hopes of fans for the debut of Season 4. Now that the dam has burst, and the group has scattered, what will happen?

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As we approach Season 4, the options seem almost limitless. With all TV shows that we love, its hard not to speculate about the upcoming season. Unfortunately, we lack a good amount of solid information for the moment, so let’s take a look at what we know for certain.

 Fear the Walking Dead’s Next Season

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The first thing to consider when trying to speculate about Season 4 is the change taking place in the production. The adored showrunner of Season 3, Dave Erikson, will be departing the show. Replacing him will be Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg. The new co-showrunners are best known for their work on ABC’s series, Once Upon a Time.

In addition to this major change in leadership, the controversial showrunner of The Walking Dead, Scott Gimple, will be joining Fear the Walking Dead as an executive producer. The addition of Gimple has many critics of the latest The Walking Dead season worried about the future direction of Fear.

Under Scott Gimple’s leadership, The Walking Dead has experienced a shocking drop in viewership. The latter episodes of Season 8 have seen the lowest ratings of the show since 2011. While the concerns surrounding Gimple’s addition are certainly fair, it’s not nearly as doom and gloom as some would have you believe. The announcement of a crossover has given fans high hopes for the future of the show.

What the Crossover Could Mean

The information that’s come out about the much-anticipated event has changed the possibilities for where the show’s story will go next. Many fans assumed that Season 4 would kick off with Madison and company struggling to reunite as they collectively face off against the imposing new villain, Proctor John.

The addition of Morgan to the cast, however, could throw a wrench into that prediction due to the mismatch in timelines. There are some possibilities for Morgan to join the cast from an earlier point in The Walking Dead timeline. A Morgan somewhat like the one shown in season episode “Clear” would be an incredible asset in the group’s conflict with Proctor John and his gang.

The story’s possibilities will only become clearer as we approach the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead Season 4. While there has been no specific date for the premiere, it’s safe to assume fans can expect a release in the summer of 2018.

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