fear, walking dead

Why “Fear The Walking Dead” Is A Great Stand Alone Show

By Hank Klinger | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-08-26

fear, walking dead

Fear the Walking Dead is one of the newest shows on AMC. The spin-off is a welcome addition to The Walking Dead. The mid-season break ends this week with a new episode airing Sunday night.

Fear The Walking Dead has been accepted and loved as much as The Walking Dead by the majority of fans. There are plenty of great reasons to watch it as the show develops more fully. 

If you like action packed shows full of blood and guts, Fear the Walking Dead is ideal for you.

The main protagonist in the series is a female, opposite that of Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead.

Kim Dickens plays Madison Clark, a high school guidance counselor prior to the apocalypse. Making the protagonist a female is deep in the roots of the original show’s promotion of gender equality. Which The Walking Dead has always done so well.

Another great reason to watch Fear The Walking Dead is the actor Ruben Blades. The international actor plays Daniel Salazar, a soldier on the run.

He fled the civil war back in his home country of El Salvador to make a better life for his family. As luck would have it, the “walkers” took over the world.

So much for that dream.

Both series of the franchise love to stomp on their character’s chances for happiness. Something I think would be pretty realistic given the scenario.

As a whole, the entire cast of Fear the Walking Dead does a great job at portraying their characters.

The cast:

Alycia Jasmin Debnam-Carey: The young teen survivor.

Frank Dillane: Plays Nick Clark, the heroin addict. He makes for some pretty pupil dilated, anxiety filled scenes.

Cliff Curtis and Colman Domingo also deserve shout-outs. It’s been said by that the cast’s ability to act in the Fear the Walking Dead is overall better than that of The Walking Dead.

Something else I think is important to mention is the location of Fear the Walking Dead. Almost half of the second season takes place on a yacht. At first, I was like, “What the hell is this crap?!” But it’s actually worked out OK.

It’s an interesting concept, to say the least, and the boat is constantly facing problems. I guess martinis and sunbathing are out of the question? Anyway, count on “walkers” (DUH), pirates, and nasty boat problems. All of which leads to some pretty interesting scenarios.

One thing fixed in the new season is the introduction of more “walkers.”

The first season tried to leave them out too much and tried a lot of new things. Both of these almost put the series in the drink and upset a lot of fans.

So in Season two they made sure to fix this little hiccup. And after that, the series got dramatically better.

So all in all, if you actually take the time to watch Fear the Walking Dead, you’ll see it’s a great series with a lot of development in the works, and probably here to stay for a very long time.


*Editor’s Note: This post was edited for accuracy on September 12, 2016

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